Aim for Excellence in Every Moment


Anyone can decide to be excellent

The ancient Greeks had a word for all-encompassing excellence: their word was arete; a very high, all‑round standard of physical and mental competence, achieved by dedication and hard work. That level of excellence takes years to achieve.

If you can perform and contribute at that level, you’ll stand out. Very few do.

But if you want to, you can. And you can start to take that new path today.

You can decide to perform excellently in your very next moment, whatever you are working at.

Your very next moment is the only place you can affect your future.

Thinking about it won’t change anything, and reflecting on the past won’t have any effect either. You can only change things during the next breath you take.

Think about the way you contribute to the world through your work. Each moment in which you make a difference could change someone’s life. And doing it consistently will certainly change yours.

Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Assess which aspect of yourself you want to improve.
  2. Believe change or improvement is possible. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t.
  3. Choose a process for measuring your change in competence.
  4. Drive continual improvement by recommitting to your processes each day.
  5. Ensure you push through the obstacles and change your methods as needed.
  6. Focus on your habits and statistics. Show up and be accountable for your results.

Becoming excellent will get you noticed

Being excellent . . . is going further than others, offering more, asking more questions in order to create better solutions, and not accepting ‘average’ as all right, any more. There’s a demand for robust, appropriate solutions that answer questions and solve the problems of our time.

In the uncertainties of early 21st century life, some questions have become much more important. Everything is changing so fast that roles and vocations are becoming obselete within a generation.

What are the dispossessed to do?  Those who can supply information to solve these problems will get ample reward. But to stand out in a sea of people offering answers, you must adopt an ethos of excellence at whatever you do.

How can you get yourself noticed?

Be different: You can make a decision to be embrace excellence in your next moment.

If you change your attitude about your next moment of life, soon you’ll have a changed attitude towards your next day, and then day. It’s how an average‑up‑until‑now life can become astonishing. Any life can be changed if consistent, focused action is applied to well-defined, worthwhile goals.

It’s possible. The power to be creative, and achieve our dreams, is in each of us. We just have to do it.

Attitude makes the difference

If you’ve got paying employment, go the extra mile. Do more than is asked. In other words: get creative in your work and solve problems. When you do, you’ll become more valuable. If there are any raises, perks or promotions going, you’ll be nearer the front of the line. Showing an entrepreneurial attitude will stand you out.

Reflect on what you do best. Look for ways to stand out, with the same drive you put into finding Easter eggs as a child. Then apply your creativity to packaging that expertise. You could even write about it. With the rise of self publishing as a viable business, you can sell your knowledge, experience or stories online, even if your market is a continent away.

Embrace Your Moments

Look for reward and fulfillment in each moment, as life is very short. Live every moment fully. After all, all of life is contained in the next breath you take.